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Battery drain issues

Battery draining rapidly post software update. Also phone heating issues on charging and playing games. Lot of battery draining even in ultra durable mode.

Requested features for the ROG phone 8 / 8 Pro

Hello fellow ROG 8 users,I was wondering if we should make a post about what features people want to be added to the OS. So Mods can pass it to there software department team. (if they read it)Don't you think adding features like frame interpolation ...

Koudmaker by Rising Star II
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AirTrigger issue

@Mattias_ASUS I have found the real problem of the AirTrigger issues for the asus Rog phone 8/pro/pro edition !!! THE REAL PROBLEM IS THE COVER, TELL TO THE DEVELOPERS PLEASE TO TRY THE AIRTRIGGER SYSTEM USING THE AEROACTIVE COVER, I AM PRETTY SURE,...

Beatles by Star III
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Volume is not that high as advertised

I had Rog phone 8 two days ago, and my previous phone was OnePlus 11. When I compare the sound volume between the two, OnePlus is much louder. Is there any other setting than setting media volume to max? Thanks, 

AOD is too dim

This is the biggest problem in Asus phones. The always-on-display is extremely dim when a new notification is received. This makes the AOD unusable. I see many complaints old and recent about this, will it be solved?Thanks 


My phone is on the latest firmware .325Its stuck rebooting everytime i have WiFi and Mobile Data on. Once these two are on the phone stays rebooting. Once i turn them off the phone boots normally. I can't use internet at all on the phone if i turn an...

Jay_ROG6 by Star III
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Rog 8 pro limitations, new Rog user

I received the Rog phone 8 yesterday. I like the phone so far.I found the following limitations that I hope they can be fixed:1) The always-on-display is usually extremely dim, and there is no way to control it.2) The phone has no dual-clock on the l...

Flickering green screen

I'm experiencing another issue with my Asus ROG 8 Pro. It started a few days ago, when from time to time (3 times so far) I got stuttering and flickering green screen on a loop. I had to try and unlock multiple times the screen to have it go away. Th...

cremona by Star II
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