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New Update 34.1420.1420.327 link?

Hey guys, does anyone has the 34.1420.1420.327 update link for those who has the Tencent version?It's pretty annoying the double clicking bug of .325 沈Thanks in advance!

Alruse by Star III
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Backdoor loosen up after gaming

Hey dude, have u ever experience a backdoor loosen after gaming? I just buy this phone this yesterday and i see there is a gap beetwen the frame and backdoor, i already replace this phone twice on my local phone Store, but this thing still happen on ...

Majuc by Star I
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NFC and Back Tap issues

NFC reader is very weak. I cant even pay on store, because the terminal isnt detected. I tried to  add some  cards in wallet apps , but its very hard to detect every single card. Double tap functionality is broken. Tried with double and triple tap. 8...

kpetrov by Star III
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touch glitch can double click on the spot i touch

greeting all jjust want to ask is someone trouble like this too when i typing its sometime can double click not often but very annoying sometime...  this is are this software problem or hardware problem ?type phone : rog 8 basicsystem : .325

Sylvaz by Star II
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Fingerprint not enough!

I usually add more than 10 finger on my phone. 5 finger is not enough. I use other phone can add a lot more!.Please Asus developer update on next firmware 凉. Thank so much for reading these!


Please bring more update to Air trigger

I like taking photo. I want to use air trigger as camera shot button.Also ability to use air trigger as app shortcut. Example : if I want to open camera just double click the air trigger to open.

I see some unused space in home!

I cycle red line on the unused space.I want the app icon to drop more to bottom and can put 5-6 app ( right now only fit 4 apps) in that row. I love how big the screen but I want to spread more app down there. Please consider update the home screen. 


Worst cooling. Aero Active cooler x

I regret buying my aero active cooler x separately. There is no literal cooling, I play warzone, I get above 42°C with the cooler and I get below 40°C without it.every game I have played, has better temperatures under normal air, just a fan, then aer...

DIM AOD when a notification is received (See the attached image)

Please see the attached image to understand how bad is the problem. This is in a normal light condition (a room with white lights). The notification cannot be read.I read previous posts such as