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Small Quality of life Feature requests

I've been using the ROG phone 8 Pro and I noticed there are some small and quick features that could be easily added which will bring a lot of improvement to the quality of life to the software in day to day use.  Maybe @Mattias_ASUS  could push some...

Gtoonm by Rising Star I
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Ciemny ekran na YouTube

Gdy oglądam filmy na YouTube, co drugi film wyświetla się przyciemniony bez względu na to, jak ustawiona jest jasność ekranu. Jeśli pociągnę palcem część ekranu w dół rozjaśnia się, ale gdy tylko puszczę, wracaj do ciemności. O co chodzi?

CODM Touch Sensitivity issue

When playing CODM, the touch screen sensitivity is very unstable, in a way that is very inconsistent. Some day it very slow while some day it becomes fast even though my in game sensitivity has not changed. I pretty sure ROG 8 screen has problem as i...

Gamevice for ROG

Hello, does anyone know how compatible is Gamevice controller for ROG phone to ROG Phone 8?

ROG 8 wifi not auto switch

I never see this phone auto switch wifi by it self. I always manual change myself. My house have wifi router in each room. My older android phone can switch wifi automatically depend on wifi signal strength.This phone should have best AI because snap...

Improvements needed urgently

Just got a ROG phone 8 pro 24/1tb , overall it's been great, my only suggestion is to add an 80 or 90 Hz refresh rate option (just something above 60hz that stops games from dropping to 50~ fps but doesn't put too much pressure on the phone as much a...

Kiy0 by Star I
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Anime vision and notification ...

I have a question, why is there a notification alert in Anime vision when it does not notify at all, it flashes once during one second and that's it, on older models the aura light could be set to alert, why can't it be set here ? What is the point o...

MiroS by Rising Star I
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Random Air Triggers gets stuck

Anyone encountered this? wherein you just tap or press the Air Triggers and it displays on your screen that you are still pressing it ever though you've already released you finger on the button, so what I do is just press the button again, for it to...

ROG Phone 8 Pro Speaker Issue

I've been playing Call of Duty Warzone on my Mobile Phone and noticed that the bottom speaker sound is off...  It's producing broken sounds unlike the top speakers no issue. Does anyone else is experiencing this? 

Annoying communique on lockscreen

Hi,I have an annoying communique: POL 'Brak nowych aktualizacji' (ENG 'No new updates') every time on my lockscreen. It is very frustrating, hence I've not found any system setting to remove this. It could be an persistant service, which is working i...