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glass on rear camera of ROG 8 Pro

as title states, just wondering what glass they used for the camera bump on the ROG 8 Pro? online says the front screen is Gorilla Victus 2 and some sources say the rear glass is gorilla glass but doesnt state if that includes the cameras or not

ztraa by Star I
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rog 8 pro suddenly wifi and sim card stop working both sim 1 and 2

what happen to my phone it suddenly not working. this is working fine this morning now my sim card both cannot be detected and wifi are not opening. no fallno waterits just idle and when i checked it both sim card and wifi not working anymore.

Rrj01 by Star II
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ROG Phone 8 Pro Problem with WiFi Calls

Hello i have a problem with my current ROG Phone 8 Pro. As soon as i connect to any WiFi network i am unable to do or receive any calls. If i try to call someone i get a notification to activate WiFi Calling (what i already did).I observed that once ...

Raven1 by Star I
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ROG phones announcement issues.

We are all suffering different issues with our ROG phones ( ROG 7 and 8 ). The moderators don't care to solve the issues and none of these updates not only solve but also cause us more issues.In that regard, we need to be heard somehow. For ROG phone...

Sam1991 by Rising Star II
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Will ROG 8 get new updated Aptx Lossless

Im enjoying the high quality of Aptx Adaptive (lossless) from supported TWS. Since Asus markets the ROG 8 of having Bluetooth 5.4. Any plans to update basic Aptx Lossless. Currently the ROG 8 has Aptx Lossless encoded to 24bit as a way to get Aptx Lo...

Small Quality of life Feature requests

I've been using the ROG phone 8 Pro and I noticed there are some small and quick features that could be easily added which will bring a lot of improvement to the quality of life to the software in day to day use.  Maybe @Mattias_ASUS  could push some...

Gtoonm by Rising Star I
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Ciemny ekran na YouTube

Gdy oglądam filmy na YouTube, co drugi film wyświetla się przyciemniony bez względu na to, jak ustawiona jest jasność ekranu. Jeśli pociągnę palcem część ekranu w dół rozjaśnia się, ale gdy tylko puszczę, wracaj do ciemności. O co chodzi?

CODM Touch Sensitivity issue

When playing CODM, the touch screen sensitivity is very unstable, in a way that is very inconsistent. Some day it very slow while some day it becomes fast even though my in game sensitivity has not changed. I pretty sure ROG 8 screen has problem as i...

Gamevice for ROG

Hello, does anyone know how compatible is Gamevice controller for ROG phone to ROG Phone 8?

ROG 8 wifi not auto switch

I never see this phone auto switch wifi by it self. I always manual change myself. My house have wifi router in each room. My older android phone can switch wifi automatically depend on wifi signal strength.This phone should have best AI because snap...