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Unlock Tool NOWAY 🤬🤬🤬

Hey Asus,Don't fool the people If you little bit think about unlock tool reply and tell me when releaseOrTell me no chance Otherwise Don't say comming soon, process going, next quarter etc. don't do like childExact answer:question_mark::question_mark...

Resolved! ROG 8 Pro - camera takes a while to load

Anyone facing a slowdown in opening the camera on your rog 8 / 8 pro?I've tried clearing it's cache, sometimes when I (x) the application and when I need to use the camera, it takes a good 2 - 3 seconds for the camera to boot up compare to when it wa...

Rare point inside cam partition Any know what is this? Broke parte or dusk?  Update today after sleep These point dissapers WTF hell is?  Should i return phone?

ROG 8 Pro Devilcase and Asus branded screen protector

so i reside in Canada, just wondering where or how i can buy the Devilcase thats compatible with the aero cooler and where i can buy the official Asus branded screen protector? only websites that seem to pop up are Vopmart and Giztop, all the reviews...

huser by Star I
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Resolved! ROG phone 8 pro free AeroActive

I bought asus ROG phone 8 pro March 4 without freebies then I saw a post that you can file a free AeroActive cooler so they can ship it to you. Is it possible to get it? or it depends on where I bought it?

Gaming phone ? Really ?

I have the phone since the release and at least for playing games it is absolutely unusable, no update has solved anything at all, I'm thinking of selling the phone and going back to the z fold 5 because it's impossible for the same problems to persi...

MiroS by Rising Star I
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Lot of patch work needed for Rog 8 pro

I have been using rog phone 8 for a week now Wifi latency issues - and signal very weak compared to my old one plus 8.Air triggers struck while in gaming Camera white balance making the photos look pale (being a photographer it hurts me a lot )Armory...

Disappointed to ROG phone 8

I am very disappointed with rog phone 8!! So many downgrade on that phone, like speakers without amplifier like other rog phone compared with rog phone 7 the sound quality is really different nothing special, bazel top and bottom, and much more, with...