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Resolved! Asus Rog 8 Pro from speaker has no cover or net, I can see inside

@Rog8pro Rog phone 8 pro #ASUS ROG 8 PROHi all,Need help on this please. Yesterday I purchased this mobile. Can you please confirm why there is no cover or net on this ear speaker of this mobile. I can see inside the speaker why there is no cover. Is...

Over temperature

I have an rog phone 8 pro and I think is a problem with temperature, if I don't use the cooler when I play temperature is around 45-57 , always 

Update, system and triggers correction

Today it's exactly 3 months since I bought this phone and I haven't played any game where triggers are used ...As a customer and a consumer, I ask myself, when does Asus want to fix this situation and finally release an update that will make this pho...

MiroS by Rising Star I
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Wired Earphones making Loud hissing noise on ROG 8

Most probably my audio port is damaged. But I don't know what caused it. When I put the audio jack in yesterday I only got this loud hissing noise like the TV's used to make when there was no signal back in the days. I could still hear the content i ...

ROG Phone 7 Battery drains overnight(10-15%) - while in Idle

 Recently I observed my ROG Phone 7 Battery is getting drained overnight when it is in idle. It drains by 10-15%. Usualy I have my mobile under dynamic mode, The battery is fine when I use my mobile. But when not in use for more than hour so the batt...

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AOD has no music playing 8nfo

Hello,I couldn't find the option to show the currently playing music on the always-on display. Does this option exist? Otherwise, this is another reason to make the AOD more useless, as it also doesn't show weather info and it is very dim most of the...

Resolved! Rog 8 pro touch issue/ghost touch

After the firmware update 34.1420.1420.327The airtrigger and cooler button seems to respond well, but the patch introduce some touch lagging and some ghost touch. Sometimes my touch are registered a bit later. Sometimes the delay is too much. Sometim...

ROG 7 & 8 issues on A14 now being published worldwide on Tech websites.

Rog 8 users ! If you also want to be heard go and leave your comment on the following link I have provide below , otherwise you will end up the way Asus did with us ( Rog 7 users ) . ! Join us now. Finally, we are now being heard everyone !Droidwin (...

Sam1991 by Rising Star II
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