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Resolved! Straight out of the box, and AnimeVision is already not working?

 Just bought ROG Phone 8 Pro Edition and opened it straight out of the box. When I started the phone, I was prompted to copy all my data from my previous Phone through a USB(which I did since my old ROG 5S Wifi has already stopped working, so I have ...

air triggers competent expression ....

can someone competent please comment on the air triggers, what to do next with the phone, put it on a complaint or will this problem be fixed by an SW update? I have a phone since 26.2.2024 and there is still no problem not fixed but not even named, ...

MiroS by Rising Star I
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Air Trigger issues based on my observation

I have used every ROG phone as my main phone except ROG 5.Like many people here I have had issues with the Air Triggers on my Rog Phone 8 Pro and I am also very disappointed in this year's iteration of ROG phone.The triggers are difficult to actuate ...

Edge Tool

I recently upgraded from my ROG 5s Pro to an 8 Pro and I'm loving it so far, however, there's an issue I'm facing with the Edge Tool, it seems to not be any possible way to change which side of the screen you out it when I open a game or watch multim...

Monardi by Star II
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Resolved! ROG 8 Battery

Is this normal??? Battery usage shows system apps (background services or standby) consuming more than 50% battery on ROG phone 8.I've attached a screenshot for clarification. Last charge was 90% then i used for about 5 hours and took screenshot at 3...

Bootloader unlock might be coming soon

After seeing this: how asus has been promising "soon" and unlock tool, i think asus has prioritized the unlock tool now that people are starting to sue. 

Unlock Tool NOWAY 🤬🤬🤬

Hey Asus,Don't fool the people If you little bit think about unlock tool reply and tell me when releaseOrTell me no chance Otherwise Don't say comming soon, process going, next quarter etc. don't do like childExact answer 

Resolved! ROG 8 Pro - camera takes a while to load

Anyone facing a slowdown in opening the camera on your rog 8 / 8 pro?I've tried clearing it's cache, sometimes when I (x) the application and when I need to use the camera, it takes a good 2 - 3 seconds for the camera to boot up compare to when it wa...