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Whatsapp, galaxy wearable apk crash after recent update

Star I

Many apps like whatsapp, galaxy wearable(not opening at all), my asus apks are crashing after new update of .70. please asus resolve this issue as this phone is my daily driver and I can't possibly work without these apps. 

If anyone has any solution, pse let me know. Thank you



Rising Star II

This message was sent by @Titan_ASUS " the community manager " for solving Whatsapp crash issue on the following thread. I installed the apk and it solved my issue. Follow the steps and you'll be fine. 

Link  :


Hi, we will fix this issue on next FOTA and sorry for causing your inconvenience. For short-term solution, please follow steps below to have a prompt solution.

1. Download the APK from either link 1 or link 2.

2. Install the APK (referring to the video "SOP for installation").

3. Reboot phone and check if issue resolved.