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Proximity sensor problems

Star III

Hello, when I listen to a WhatsApp audio with the cell phone pressed to my ear and the audio is longer than 30 seconds, the proximity sensor is activated correctly and after exactly 30 seconds the screen is activated and turns on with a low brightness, almost dark , even so the audio continues playing (it doesn't cut off) but the phone becomes touch-sensitive and I can touch any part of the screen with my face. If I move the phone away from my face, the brightness automatically adjusts to the ambient and the audio pauses.

I did this same test by putting my hand up and it turned on with that same low brightness level after exactly 30 seconds.

What can I do to solve it?

My Android version is 34.1010.0820.65, I did not update it to .71 due to the number of problems reported (I don't know if my problem is solved in that version)