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Proximity sensor sucks

Star I

Whenever Im using calls, whatsapp or discord for example, the sensor turns the screen off when Im touching the sensor, I searched about it and didnt find any options on this device that solved this issue, just a trash option on the developers functions that simply turns all sensor off, including my microfone, the issue Im having with this is that I cant play games in peace because, if I need the call to talk with my team it will keep turning the screen off in midgame. Im really pissed on how a "gamer" device has nothing to do with gamers needs and issues, these devices you sell just have good performances, but still a lot of bugs on the airtriggers, both device and cooler ones, also the cooler sometimes keeps reconnecting and I have to restart the device. Any solutions on the sensor issue? If no, put them on the next patch please. Im starting to think that I should've bought the xiaomi, not asus. Really disappointed now.