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Low Performance?

Rising Star I

Report on the functionality of update 34.1010.0820.60.

Fps still lags in all games, especially those with real players.

The performance is really low, I noticed that in games that don't lag even on low end devices, they lag a little now on the Rog 7 device.

Now it is completely impossible to play games where there are real players instead of bots (For example CODM, PUGBM, WWH, etc.)

I wonder if all these problems can be caused by the fact that the overall performance of the phone dropped considerably in the Android 14 update?


Rising Star I

That weird me at .60 keep the fps stable although need to tweak the profile a bit

Yes, in some games 60 remains stable for me too, but if I play using 120fps, it drops between 40-50fps and is not stable at any point.