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Pls someone help me resolve this proximity sensor issue

I don't know when this issue started or with software update caused this  but recently I'm having trouble using my calling apps and my gestures are also not working due to this, also i have never dropped my phone nor any kind of damage has happened to it 


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Your proximity sensor is not working due to bad design of the phone. The proximity sensor is located on the top of the phone, next to the camera, just below the speaker opening. There is no grill inside the speaker opening and dust is free to enter the phone. It's slowly accumulating on the inside of the glass preventing the proximity sensor to properly behave - it's working as if there's constantly something in front of it, which is actually true - there's a large amount of dust. Proximity sensor constantly being blocked results in black screen immediately when you open a call, screen not being activated when you receive notification and double tap to wake not working. In order to fix it you have to disassemble the phone, clean the dust and put some kind of grill between the speaker opening and the speaker itself. You can find some tiny mesh for speakers, it should work but eventually dust might accumulate once again.

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I was suffering with the same issue, I was almost ready to try a factory reset. But after reading the other response to your question, I decided to try a vacuum.

I put my hand vacuum in its Max power and moved it around every opening on the phone, especially near the proximity sensor. Everything is functioning normally again. I hope you find this reply and it can also help you.

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