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High overheating after I updated to build.71

Rising Star II

Hi everyone, 

Does anyone experiencing high overheating after updating to build 71 ? Even watching YouTube on Wi-Fi turns my ROG phone 7 into a hot frying pan!! :fire::fire:

Am I the only one ?

Please look into this matter ,I'm definitely sure I'm not the only one suffering here and it's taking way more longer for devs team to fix this issue; It's almost 4 months now.

I have already sent logs long time ago when I was on build.65 but nothing has changed since then and I recently notice build.71 caused even more overheating than before.

 @Mattias_ASUS @Titan_ASUS 


P.S : I have never had an overheating issue on android 13 and it's all started since I updated my ROG 7 to android 14.


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we need an update for this issue, ASAP @Mattias_ASUS 

Rising Star II

@Mattias_ASUS can you please say something ? Have you talked to dev team ? Did they find the cause of overheating issue ?

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Yeah after update patch for whatsapp crash..seem overheating when charging..became super hot

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I'm still stuck on version 65, it looks like this is the best version on Android 14, please Asus respond immediately and fix it

Don't let it be seen that if you launch a new gaming phone, your old cellphone won't be noticed

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is it normal for the phone to be idling at 36 degrees celcius?