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Everyone, I have a BAD news for the next coming update

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I followed up with @Mattias_ASUS regarding overheating issue on A14 build71. Apparently, the dev team didn't find anything unusual ironically. I attached a picture of our conversation. I tried everything I could to get us a fix but it turned out as sth that I didn't see coming at all.



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One of the users is a developer . @snowdance 

He found and circled the temperature for whomever it may concern ! After sending logs for many times , devs still don't accept it and say they haven't found anything ! Impossible ! Why are they pretending like it's nothing and it's not there?????

Have look at these pictures below.





Correct me if I'm wrong , but how many times do we have to send our logs and get ignored by dev team ? Not acceptable.

@Falcon_ASUS @Titan_ASUS 

As a customer who paid a lot for a premium phone , I deserve an answer here. Reply !


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Mattias has just sent me a messaged and he said : " The team is not done checking logs, the log from snowdance is being worked on.I will update when I get more information."

:cross_mark:Users that haven't still sent their logs please do as it might help them to fix the issues soon.


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Nuuuh Dude. I hope there will be at least fix with Air Triggers 🤦‍:male_sign:

Rising Star II

the hell ? mine was actually gone up past 40c just by playing for 20 min without charging. are they blind or im the one who blind ?

Rising Star II

ok fk this **bleep**, just invite me to the repo and give me one new branch

I just can't take it anymore. It's impossible !!!! All users temp were above 35 C.