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Rog phone 7 overheating fps drops HUGE NEWS

Rising Star I

Bro I want to say one thing I have sent my Asus ROG phone 7 for repair I use my Asus ROG phone 5 with android 13 on it let me say one thing when I play warzone mobile on the rog phone 7 android 14 it gives 48°/53° with COOLER 7 when I play it on rog phone 5 android 13 it stays on 31/35 WITHOUT COOLER AT ALL degrees how is this possible? I swear they deny the fact that android 14 faulty update is causing this issue and they just ignore us and move on with their lives while the consumers US have paid 1400 dollars for a premium phone that breaks or melts with time and we get a middle finger from Asus @Mattias_ASUS  explain me now why my older rog phone on Android 13 doesn't have have overheating at all and why my newer premium phone android 14 has overheating?


Rising Star II

try attaching a picture of the temperature from genie, and if possible share the log. so they can't twist the fact.

Rising Star I

Normally with warzone mobile when it starts up on Asus ROG phone 7 the temperature starts increasing to 44° with COOLER when starting a match I managed to get 32 degrees to 35 max while playing on Android 13 rog phone 5 WITHOUT COOLER 


Hi, in the first picture the temp showing is 33 degrees and in the second one it's 32 degrees.
Those pictures show a very normal temperature.