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armoury crate and led notification

Rising Star I

For @Mattias_ASUS and @Titan_ASUS 

regarding Armoury Crate and LED notifications, is it a bug or something else ?

I've been experiencing this for almost 2 months.

Armoury Crate:

Initially, when opening a game, there's no display in Armoury Crate. Then, within the game, the refresh rate is set to automatic in the Armoury Crate settings. The game runs at 120 fps, but it seems like it's using the 165 Hz setting, causing heat during gameplay.

LED notifications:

There's strange color when charging, and during battery charging, notifications from other apps appear, but the LED doesn't blink or change color. When not charging, notifications do cause LED color blinking, but it's delayed.

Is this a bug or not?