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Bypass charging issue with Aero Active Cooler 7

Star II

Im using rog 7 ultimate with the latest update WW-33.0820.0810.208. Bypass Charging without the cooler seems to work properly however, when aero active cooler is connected that's when the bypass charging seems not to work anymore, the battery percentage slowly decreases. I already tried playing with different settings like using different cooler settings from frozen, frosty and cool combine with dynamic and ultra durable and also lowest settings in game but to no avail. Hopefully this problems gets fix asap as I see in the forum there are others having the same problem 


There's a recent update. It fixes the issue with the bypass charging. 

It would have worked just as well, but now I did the update, I didn't get a notification that the update was applied successfully, I wonder if I should start a new topic for this. 

It doesn't state that the bypass charging issue was fixed. When I tried to use it for about 3 hours it didn't consume any battery percentage. You can check the latest patch here:

Yes, this is installed now, but when it's finished, isn't there an article that says it has been successfully updated? Don't we say "ok" to him, he didn't come out, did he come out? 

Yes, there should be a pop-up on the screen notifying you that your device is already updated.