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Batman theme on ROG phone 7

Star I

Title pretty much says it. I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck putting the ROG phone batman edition theme on the 7 or 7 ultimate.

Through unfortuitous events my ROG phone 6 batman edition ended up with a cracked camera housing basically making the camera useless. I called Asus and they said they could fix it but I would have to send it in. I couldn't take it to a local repair shop or anything since not a lot of shops have the parts. I don't have a spare phone to use while I send the ROG phone 6 in to be repaired so I'd have to get a new phone since I can't be without a phone for 2 weeks for work.

I was thinking of just getting the 7 ultimate but I don't want to lose the batman theme. I've read some forums that say they have some success but was hoping to gather thoughts from here.