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Sound problem after android 14 update

Star I

Hi. I have a Rog Phone 6 Batman Edition. Teo days ago i made update to android 14. Now after update when someone calls me i can't hear that person ,but he can hear me. After i answer i have to switch to bluetooth (Smart watch) or speaker and after back to phone and it works. This happens only someone calls me, If i make a call it works fine, or if someoane calls me on whatsapp also works fine. 



Which smartwatch are you using?

Huawei Watch GT3. 

I noticed now that if I turn off the bluetooth and it is no longer connected to the watch, if someone calls me it works perfectly. What could be the problem? Maybe a bluetooth problem?


I have the same problem with the watch active 4, it didn't work on the A13, but it did on the A14, but it helped me when I set the watch to prohibit phone calls in the Bluetooth settings.

Yes. That's exactly what I did too. I turned off Bluetooth calls on the watch. I can see on the watch who is calling but I cannot answer.