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Suggestion and plans for the next update

Star III


I am just wondering about the plans for improving the UI in the next update.

I hope the following will be fixed/improved on the phone's UX side. The below are very simple to add yet very critical to consider. This is a high-end gaming phone, so its UI on the outside should also be impressive. 

1) Increase brightness when a new notification is received. The screen for new notifications has a very low brightness under the sun and normal room lights.

2) Increase AOD brightness when "Tap to show for 10 seconds" is selected. AOD has a very low brightness under the sun and normal room lights.

3) Add music and weather info to AOD

4) Add new clock styles to AOD. This is a gaming phone so it should have nice AOD styles.

5) Give better customization to AnimeVision, especially when a new notification is received such as duration, frequency, etc ...

6) Show weather info for AnimeVision, when the screen is off. Now it only shows for the screen-on option.

7) Add palm detection to take selfie pictures in the camera app.

😎 For choosing the theme color, can you please show the full-color palate, not only theme-related colors?

Many thanks for considering my request.




Star I

These are all great especially the ones mentioning aod related. 

Rising Star II

I hope we can get a super resolution as a option. So we can upscale games to look even better.