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Bypass charging issue with Aero Active Cooler 7

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Im using rog 7 ultimate with the latest update WW-33.0820.0810.208. Bypass Charging without the cooler seems to work properly however, when aero active cooler is connected that's when the bypass charging seems not to work anymore, the battery percentage slowly decreases. I already tried playing with different settings like using different cooler settings from frozen, frosty and cool combine with dynamic and ultra durable and also lowest settings in game but to no avail. Hopefully this problems gets fix asap as I see in the forum there are others having the same problem 


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There's a recent update. It fixes the issue with the bypass charging. 

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Everything seems working, however there are instances when i open up a game ,the bypass with frozen mode doesn't immediately take effect so what works for me is , when im in game I set the fan to frozen and set the xmode to dynamic then revert back to xmode or which profile u like. I tested it a few times and it works for me. I played mobile legends and undawn set to highest settings @165 hz xmode  frozen so the device will be power hunger. Tested them quite a few times for more than 30mins and no battery decrease at all. 

Kindly check your firmware if you have the latest one and also i updated my game genie from their website. Happy gaming 

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Mine, unboxing and attach the aeroactive 7 then after update successfully straight can't use the aeroactive 7 anymore. Idk some say it is the firmware

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I have the same problem, I wonder if it consumes too much power, is that why we are having this problem, a special update is required for this. 

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This still hasn't been fixed. No updates from asus mods. Posted the same issue

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Any updates mods @Mattias_ASUS @Titan_ASUS  regarding the issue? This problem should be fix so we can maximize the usage of aero active cooler 7 without sacrificing the battery health for long gaming sessions. Hopefully this should be fix on the next update