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can I unlock the bootloader on asus rog phone 7 this year

Phone shuts down

Today my phone started to act wierd. It has started freeze the screen and then black screen do just die and having to manually reboot it. It's FIFTH time in one hour. Usage situation: Just having Amazon prime casting and then letting my kid use YouTu...

DeMoNeN by Star III
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Task manager / split screen bug?

Hello, just curious asking are this is bug? When i set app on app switcher then set split screen , after done with split screen why there is apps before hovering in top? Thanks

Game pad for 7U

So I'm currently looking for a gamepad that fits the 7u with a devilcase on it. The case it a bit thicker than I would like. But it's the only case that isn't the one you get in the box that is any good and looks decent. So can I fit a kuni3 on this ...

n1ethan by Star I
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Front Camera not working

I have an ROG phone 7. Just noticed that for the last 2 days, I haven't been able to access my front camera. The camera application doesn't have the option to flip camera. Third party applications don't have the option to flip camera as well. The bac...

GPU always 0

Hi everyone!My phone always have 0% in GPU, in all my games. When i restart (restart 2 times, i don't know why) the phone, works a few minutes normal and then 0% again Asus rog phone 7 12gb/256gb tencent games versionWW_33.0820.0810.121  Greetings fr...

Issues in connectivity and signal after update

Hi I have rog7 ultimate and all of a sudden my sim Internet connection is not stable and cannot sometimes receive calls or initiate one. This is after the last update.. 232.Is there a way to downgrade? I have used the same sim using my rog6 and its w...

Adixps by Star I
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ROG 7 Soft reset to factory

Right now I have 217 but each time the phone turns on it reboots itself once, for that reason I want to soft reset to original firmware, will it go back or stay on 217?

ROG7 High Battery Usage from "Others"

Hello community,I've been experiencing an issue with my phone's battery usage, and I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what's going on.No matter how much I charge my phone or the method I use (fast charge or slow charge), the "Others" category ...

Pmmax by Star II
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