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Performance issue

Star II

Is it normal for mobile legends and codm to have more than 60 fps ,ONLY when the device is plug in to the outlet? even in xmode  144hz (unplug) ML and CODM  caps at 60 fps, but when i plug the device to the outlet , It reaches the highest fps ML and codm can attain. Or do i need to tweak any settings? btw i just updated to the latest firmware .60.

I already tried clearing cache and restarting the phone but still my device can only reach the highest fps when it is plug in to the outlet. Is it just me or anyone experience the same? Although Im not a hardcore gamer who uses more than 60 fps but still I wanted to experience what is the capabilities of my gaming phone without plugging it in the outlet. 


Rising Star I

I have 120 fps in Call of Duty Mobile, but it's impossible to play because the fps constantly drops between 40-120 and makes games crash. Phones performance is very low too.