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Sign here if want android 13

Star III

Hello guys, it is clear that all the users who bought this phone did so for gaming and it is precisely what is working the worst. I don't know if doing this helps, but if you agree to return to Android 13, post here (it would be a way to show them that we all want the same thing)

This way they would have all the time in the world to work on Android 14 so that it works correctly


Star III

It's absolutely unacceptable that we don't have the option to go back to Android 13. It's clear that their incompetence is causing us to suffer. I spent a significant amount of money on this phone specifically for gaming, and now it's completely unusable. We need a solution and we need it now.

Rising Star I

I agree with you. This phone is definitely not cheap and I bought this for gaming. Now I can't play anymore and the phone is full of bugs anyway and the apps don't work properly and the phone is really slow. Please give us a chance to go back to Android 13 while you've made Android 14 compatible with the phone because now it's definitely not compatible.

Star III

They will never answer 

Rising Star I

I regret updating to Android 14 so much, I want to go back to Android 13. Help!!!