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Bad wifi reception with Rog 7

Has anyone been able to get this resolved. My wifi on my rog 7 is horrible. It works decent when I'm within a few feet of the router but in the same room. When I'm if a different room I get horrible speeds so I can't play games to there full potentia...


ROG Phone 7 Microphone Hole

So, I just bought a new ROG Phone 7 (Not the Ultimate) one.In the middle of setting up the phone, I accidentally used the SIM Ejection Pin on the Microphone Hole above the power button instead of the SIM tray which is on the lower-left side.So my que...

Phone case compatible with aeroactive cooler 7

just picked up a rog phone 7, and I'm tryna find a phone case that's compatible with the aeroactive cooler 7 (just so that I don't have to remove the case whenever i want to put on the cooler), any help would be appreciated.

nehir by Star I
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Can't update firmware after 217

I want to tell the Asus company that you are unfair and spit on your fans. My phone cannot update the firmware after 217. Although I know that firmware 225 and 229 have already been released, they are not available on the website. I also want to know...

Arthur22 by Star III
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Never ever buy from Asus again

First of all I bought ROG phone 7 from their concept store then notice having issue with battery/charging(fast consumption even without using overnight and charging slow like hell took almost 2 hours). Tried to ask them for replacement which then sai...

What's the Updated price Asus ROG Phone 7 in Bangladesh?

Hi, Friends I'm looking for the Updated Asus ROG Phone 7 in Bangladesh anyone can say this phone right price in Bangladesh. I found this phone price at 165,000 Taka on the website this is the right price in Bangladesh? Please tell m...

Waste of money

Buying ROG phone 7 is a complete waste of money. 

Ck_Kira by Star II
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New Firmware bug/glitch with side USB C

Earlier today I got a notification about firmware WW_33.0820.0810.229 so I downloaded and updated my phone. The problem is now after the update my USB C hub I use with my phone does not work properly. If I use the bottom USB port it works fine and I ...

Rog 7, speaker and mic problem

My rog 7 stopped working speaker and mic.i tried restarting and boot to safe mode but still the problem remain same.

Ck_Kira by Star II
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