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Since updating to android 14

Star II

Since updating to Android 14, CODW lags more than ever which i thought was my Internet but later have come to realise its the phone. The phone heats more than ever too. Use to be able to play about five games continuously before it began to heat up but now, i have to let it cool down after every game. updated with latest update about an hoir ago, and i havent seen or felt any changes.

I am really beginning to feel a little scammed into buying this phone, and its only about five months since i bought it 😔 


Rising Star I

the phone tends to get hot if u leave it on default setting or using x-mode or any pre-set on game genie

try download the setting for your game, and tweak it a little on the temperature and cpu speed

and dont forget to set the fps to your pref, dont leave it on auto


mine get so hot when i first bought this phone, maybe around november 2023, and when i change the setting on game genie it can play with good temperature


i only play mobile legends

the setting are 120 fps, graphic high

temp 33-43 celcius


it depend on

1. are you in room with ac or not ?

i tried in both,

with ac 33-39,

no ac 40-43

2. using mobile data or wifi or both ?

with mobile data 37-43,

with wifi 37-40,

with both 40-43

3. how long or how many match do you play ?

around 15 min to 4 hour,

for the first 30 min 37-39,

30-60 min 40-43,

after 60 min it stay on 43