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rog 7 auto update made my phone hot constantly

 there is no apps even running in the background. this is also after doing factory reset. phone is in latest firmware.need help downgrading firmware. like step by step.  i followed i a similar thread but there's no links for the usb drivers , adb , f...


Split audio volume for media applications.

Hello! Is there any possibility to implement the function of separating the sound volume for different media applications, for example, as Samsung did (attached screenshot). For example, you want to play and listen to music at the same time, but the ...

Rog Phone 7 Ultimate Right Air Trigger Glitch

The air trigger is glitching in game for no reason. Recently, I started to play genshin impact with air trigger,but the right air trigger flicker and glitch even i don't touch it. I have cleared up the cache in Armoury Crate and removed my original p...

Rog Phone 8 Is a RIP Off, do not buy ! 🗑️

 If you're wondering whether the speakers are better or even the SAME as previous Rog phones, the answer is no. The speakers on the 8, 1 on front and one on the bottom bezel, different to all other Rog phones. No dedicated amplifiers with the Rog 8, ...

waxy78611 by Zen Master I
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Resolved! air trigger issue

phone model : ROG Phone 7software version : 33.0820.0810.24114/01/2024 1st time air trigger no function while playing PUBG Mobile . got vibrate but there is no respond on Left n Right . need to restart phone . but played 3 games  only 1st game is nor...

rog phone 7 on tmobile and android updates question

hello. I'm thinking about getting the rog phone 7 and use on tmobile in the US. Any issues I need to be worried about?  Also, I understand asus usually promises 2 android versions. Does this mean two versions after the initial version?  If the rog ph...

Video call.

No matter how much I lower the volume during the video conversation, after a while it never decreases. Let alone decreasing, the volume does not even turn off. This needs to be fixed urgently.  Messenger WhatsApp 

Resolved! ROG phone 7

Hi for everyone. Do you have any ideas how to connect the ROG phone 7 to the TV set or Smart TV? Could I use ROG gaming charger Dock, which is supplied with ROG Ally? Thanks a lot.

papyus by Star III
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