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Android 14 postpone.

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Greetings, I am in a bit of a predicament. 

As most of you here might know, the current latest Android 14 firmware has turned to be an absolute mess, and while I so not want to upgrade it, I've noticed that I've accidentally had my auto updates on and the update has been already downloaded to my device. If I restart it, it will automatically install said update.

Is there any way to... delete the downloaded update firmware so it doesn't install on restart? 



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It's a mess? I also just downloaded the android 14 update, but seeing everyone said it wasn't great, i haven't installed the update, it's on notification bar now waiting to install. Mine version of update is 34.0210.0210.241, my device is rog 6 8/256

While I'm not entirely aware of how it behaves on ROG 6, I've seen overwhelmingly negative feedback for ROG 7 ranging from FPS drops/stuttering to overheating and battery drain.

I believe you're in the same situation as me, if your notification states something along the lines of "tap to reboot system", I hope you're one of the few lucky guys who say they have no issue with it. 

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Ok, so I accidentally found a solution.

When you go to Settings → System → System update, the actual "update" screen is an app. Tab out of that app, then force stop, clear cache and clear data. 

Next time you open that app either do it after disconnecting from the internet , or be quick enough to get to the settings in the top right corner and disable automatic updates.

Unfortunately, until I see news of a stable firmware update , I won't be upgrading to Android 14. Quite a shame, since I was looking forward to it. 

Wow man, you are my savior haha.. It worked, i clear cache and data of  the update app and it's gone. As you say, i will wait until the android 14 is stable, while a13 still work flawlessly.