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ROG Phone 7 Impressions

I got the non-ultimate variant 3 weeks ago (was lucky to get the white one). Just wanted to share some impressions and tips.Generally I'm very pleased with the phone. Battery life is incredible, display is crisp, audio slaps and gaming performance is...

Dim screen

I few times recently I've gone outside in daytime and the screen is too dim to see at maximum brightness. Is this a new bug or a hardware failure?  It's the middle of winter here so it's hardly bright outside.

Resolved! Can I buy additional warranty?

HiMy ROG Phone 7 is out of warranty in the 6th month. Can I buy an extended warranty before it ends?

ZuuGAKz by Rising Star I
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Resolved! VoLTE and VoWiFi not working ROG Phone 7

Hi I am from Switzerland, I have two SIM from two different carriers and both support VoLTE. Swisscom and Sunrise... However I don't have the option in my ROG 7 Ultimate to turn VoLTE. What can I do? 

Resolved! Armory Create

I bought a new Asus Rog 7 phone, the old one was also Asus Rog 7, why does Armory Create activate when I press the trigger on the right? How do I deactivate this function?

Resolved! Asus rog phone 7 software update

Hi i have a asus rog phone 7.  My phone software version 33.0820.0810.217.  It’s been a long time i didn’t get any new software update for my phone.  And Asus website Doesn't have any new software update file. Is there any new software update. 

Release rog 8

After we know that Asus Will release rog phone 8 in the States After 2 months from the release , did you know when the 8 can be released in Europe ?

jabal by Star I
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Thinking about picking up ROG 7

HiThinking about getting a ROG 7(non ultimate)Anything i should know before getting the phone? Something I should look out for?Is charger included, I saw some mixed info, with a 30w charger, 65w,etc.