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Cannot find X-sense in game genie when playing Genshen and other game

XMF112 by Star I
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How to Convert CN 241 to WW ROG7 ?

How to Convert CN 241 to WW ROG7 ?is there any good option to convert ROG phone 7 Tencent to Global Rom ?  please help me 

LimHour by Star I
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Aeroactive cooler 7 issues?

Is it just me or does you aeroactive cooler automatically sets itself to cool mode after 4 hours in frozen mode?X mode + is active and I'm on bypass charging.

rog phone 7 china version

hi, i just bought the rog 7 china version, is there any way to have access to rog forum app, i keep regestering but always failed, im currently here in taiwan

Manual Updates

Hello!I have the Chinese version of the ROG Phone 7 with the global ROM.Since it doesn't support OTA updates, I used to download the updates from the ASUS website and update it manually.But now, the newer updates after the WW-33.0820.0810.217 aren't ...

XTEX by Star I
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Dual band wifi & hyperfusion option

Dual band wifi totally causing trouble to me, it can't even stable the connection but keep losing wifi connection. Same goes to hyperfusion , it did cost a lot my mobile data but not stable my connection.After remove those feature, my device more smo...

Resolved! OS crashed

I clicked on Facebook app to uninstall then my phone goes into restart and stuck in boot. Your OS is so pathetic, WILL NEVER BUY your phone again! I am very disappointed.

USB C to audio jack dongle

I bought a USB C to audio jack dongle a few days ago, but it seems like the dongle is not compatible. I want to use my wired headphone using the side usb c port while playing games. Any suggestions on what kind/model of dongle I should buy that is co...

MLBB stuck at 60 FPS

Why is my ML only stuck at 60 FPS? Even though previously it could go up to 120, I have activated Ultra Refresh Rate mode and X-Mode on my RoG Phone 7  

1000126724.png 1000126716.png
ManCH by Star II
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