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Star II

I really regret buying ROG 7 because I see there's no support at all from Asus after Android 14 ruined this phone in all conditions, it's just a waste of money and even if someone would give this phone to me for free I swear I wouldn't take it because i can't use it for gaming anymore and for sure I don't use it for daily use so there's no point of having this phone. I don't know why it's so hard from Asus to give back what customers want and to give a choice to downgrade to A13 who wants?!!! I mentioned before things that I noticed like :

1. Weak security (phone can turn off without asking a pin or fingerprint or whatever... when phone is locked you can have access in wifi, airplane mode, ring mode and so on and that's bad becususe others can corrupt your phone even if it's "locked". When phone is locked means it's locked and you can't have access at all except answering areiving calls

2. Air triggers not working ( when you tap air triggers most of the time there's no command or it seems like they don't recognize fingers ...

3. Overheating ( after upgrading to A14 phone gets much hotter than before.

And there are many many points to mention...

Asus does nothing to fix things... going to have Samsung S24 ultra.