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Rising Star II

hey @Mattias_ASUS 

I've tried using the new update for 6 days hoping that the temp will get better as we use it, like the dev promised but turn out it still has high temp. there's no improvement as I use it more. I'm using it for gaming for almost 6 hours straight everyday in night.


at this point, if by the next update the dev can't fix the overheating issue, please just give us the update that literally break our phone, so we can bring it to RMA/Service Center either fix it or trade it with new phone and got downgrade. Just so we can appeal our phone buyer to take it from our hand with new handset and fresh android 13 that had no issue.


Star II

Probaste formatear? Yo estoy pensando en hacerlo 

Rising Star I

It only help for me reduce 1 or 2 °C, after few game it goes up 47 °C. It doesn't really help much.