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Need New Software Update

Rising Star I

Alright, I've mentioned this bug several times now. Is this actually a bug? Why does the background keep running even after the app has been closed? It wasn't like this on Android 13, but it's happening on Android 14. Please explain if this is a bug or not. @Mattias_ASUS 

Not only that, but all applications like that . Even after it's been deleted, the sound still lingers for a few moments or seconds


Star III

we have same problem... apps consumes battery in background even if its already restricted on the settings or even closed

I also encountered a notification LED bug, are you experiencing the same?

When the phone is charging and a new notification comes in, like a WhatsApp notification, the LED color doesn't change, which I find quite inconvenient.

Even when the phone is charging, the LED color appears strange, almost like a mix of colors.