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For the ROG 7 users

Is it safe to get this generation?Some context: I had the ROG 3 back in the day, but it had some network carrier issues where it would disconnect and connect randomly for no apparent reason, so I got rid of it. Then the ROG 5 but at some point the wi...

Rog 7 Armoury Crate Showing Wrong Game Duration

I bought the #ROG 7 the date it was released and ever since I noticed that in the Armoury Crate the Game Duration has been bugged. It shows the same hours on both "Last 7 Days" and "Last 30 Days" event thought I played. And the "Last 2 Years" Tab sho...

ROG Phone 7 AptX Lossless crackling sound

I have the same problem with my zenfone 10. i tried the Nuratrue Pro and the Denon Perl Pro and i have the same cracking static noises when AptX Lossless(adaptiv) is the chosen Codec. i don't get the sounds with normal AptX or AAC, and when spatial a...

Questions about the different versions of the ROG phone 7

I am looking to buy an ROG phone 7 but I've been reading that there are key differences on the different versions available. Some are GSM and no CDMA, there's north america and global versions, a tecent one that I have no idea what it does or what di...

ckon9 by Star I
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[ROG Phone 7] Join the Android 14 Preview Program!

Hi ROG Phone 7 (AI2205) users,   We will soon have the newest Android system on ROG Phone 7. ASUS hereby sincerely invite you to participate in this preview program to experience Android 14!   Q1: What is the Android Preview Program? Ans: Android Pre...

Titan_ASUS by Community Manager
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X-mode icon in notification bar

Hi, RP7Ult here. The X-mode icon in the notification bar is an overlay that covers your first notification. Extremely annoying because you always have to pull down the whole notification bar to see if you have a notification. I use a huge variety of ...

cy4 by Star I
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Dioda lewy górny róg koło godziny

po naklejeniu szkła hartowanego przez pracownika Xkomu i aktualizacji systemu pojawiła się mała czerwona wpadająca w pomarańczowy kolor dioda po lewej stronie na górze w rogu czy to jest wada pomocy na skręceń tego nie widać dlatego zaznaczyłem gdzie...

Mario78 by Star I
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Suddenly shutting down

Why my phone suddenly shutting down by itself..? it's happened about 3 times, even though I just bought it 1 month ago.? 

Android Feature request- Force Themed Icons

Android introduced a feature recently in QRP2 where you can force themed Icons to a monochrome scheme based on Material you, even those who don't officially support material you Icons. It allows you to have a cohesive layout with all your icons theme...

Gtoonm by Rising Star I
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