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today is better

I don't know what this is connected with, but today the phone behaves quite adequately in terms of heating. in 8 hours of normal use, I lost 28% of the battery charge and did not experience abnormal overheating.

c9Ba by Star II
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Moderator please answer this question

so with all the things that happen on our Asus ROG Phone 7 after the update on android 14. I'm curious "If" something happen to our phone in the near future (let's say 1 or 2 year from now), will asus take responsibility to fix our phone ?I'm not ask...

snowdance by Rising Star II
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I bought ROG 7 phone just for gaming and in the beginning I was so excited to have it, but seeing that this is not worth even for the main reason that this phone is built (gaming) I say it was a waste of money to have this phone. Upgrading to Android...

Tonyz by Star II
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Overheating issue announcement on Android 14

All users who are experiencing high overheating issue on your ROG 7 please follow these steps and send your long to the moderators @Mattias_ASUS . He is gathering all the logs and going to send them to dev team. Hopefully, if we all send our logs we ...

Sam1991 by Rising Star II
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the phone started to heat up even more in the last two days!!! discharges twice as fast as usual! do you want to burn the processor or burn the memory? ASUS what are you trying to achieve?

c9Ba by Star II
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I'm just watching YouTube! how to understand this????

c9Ba by Star II
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Is a screen protector recommended for ROG Phone 7?

New user here. I wanted to get a screen protector for my ROG 7 but I'm worried if it will prevent my from using my fingerprint to open my phone and log in to a bunch of apps.Can it handle having no screen protector? If not, is fingerprint scan a no-g...

lorky by Star I
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