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[ROG Phone 7] Join the Android 14 Preview Program!

Hi ROG Phone 7 (AI2205) users,   We will soon have the newest Android system on ROG Phone 7. ASUS hereby sincerely invite you to participate in this preview program to experience Android 14!   Q1: What is the Android Preview Program? Ans: Android Pre...

Titan_ASUS by Community Manager
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ROG phone 7 Ultimate - audio querries

I  mostly use the ROG phone 7 Ultimate with dacs like Cayin RU6/Mojo 2. I would like to know if i can change the settings in a way that the phone delivers more power to the dac.Kindly also provide details in the sound signatures, hopefully with EQ pr...

Rog phone 7 Bluetooth abnormal

Bluetooth abnormal action, everytime turn on Bluetooth,it connect once to my car but disconnect immediately. Have to reconnect second time. 

Resolved! Global version

My device is asus Rog phone 7 and it has version AI2205_c. Is this version an international version?

Where is the bootloader unlock tool, asus?

We're already deep in q3, and this is getting annoying. An unlockable bootloader is extremely important for a huuuuge chunk of android users, yet you decided to remove the unlock tool for no reason at all (apart from uhhh... Cash money? ). 

Will ROG7 get supports Google ARcore?

Does ASUS have any plan to support ARcore with ROG7?I enjoyed some games using Google ARcoe with ROG3 and ROG6, however I noticed my upgraded ROG7 is not supported.I have to go back old one again if they can't.

ct4760 by Star I
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Batman theme on ROG phone 7

Title pretty much says it. I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck putting the ROG phone batman edition theme on the 7 or 7 ultimate.Through unfortuitous events my ROG phone 6 batman edition ended up with a cracked camera housing basically making th...

yukler by Star I
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Resolved! Bypass charging issue with Aero Active Cooler 7

Im using rog 7 ultimate with the latest update WW-33.0820.0810.208. Bypass Charging without the cooler seems to work properly however, when aero active cooler is connected that's when the bypass charging seems not to work anymore, the battery percent...

R4ZE by Star II
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Mobile legends game

Hi. I'm using ROG 7 ultimate. And I've been experiencing sound issues when I play mobile legends. All of a sudden the sound would disappear. This really affects my game