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rog phone 7 on tmobile and android updates question

hello. I'm thinking about getting the rog phone 7 and use on tmobile in the US. Any issues I need to be worried about?  Also, I understand asus usually promises 2 android versions. Does this mean two versions after the initial version?  If the rog ph...

Video call.

No matter how much I lower the volume during the video conversation, after a while it never decreases. Let alone decreasing, the volume does not even turn off. This needs to be fixed urgently.  Messenger WhatsApp 

Resolved! ROG phone 7

Hi for everyone. Do you have any ideas how to connect the ROG phone 7 to the TV set or Smart TV? Could I use ROG gaming charger Dock, which is supplied with ROG Ally? Thanks a lot.

papyus by Star II
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Resolved! HDR on Netflix

I just purchased ROG 7 Ultimate. Was surprised to see no HDR support on Netflix. The playback specifications screen shows 'HDR capabilities: None'. I am on latest firmware.Any Solution??

Aluminium finish/paint peeling off

Can someone explain why my less than 3 months rog phone 7 aluminium side black finish/paint is peeling off. Was it not an anodized aluminium? Now it looks like a bad painted or coated aluminium finish. It started with a small white dot which i notice...

Cienjz by Star I
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Rog Phone 7 Ultimate ROG Vision Question

With the release of the ROG 8 I am now considering buying the ROG 7 Ultimate because the design appeals more to me. I dislike having bulky rear cameras, the notch in the middle and the removal of the subwoofer in the AeroActive settled it for me.Anyw...

sowsin by Star I
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Priya Asus you guys are very slow in system updates you have to learn from other companies Which gives updates for three or four years in mobiles worth Rs. 40 to 45 thousand

Fuhad by Star I
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ROG Phone 7 Impressions

I got the non-ultimate variant 3 weeks ago (was lucky to get the white one). Just wanted to share some impressions and tips.Generally I'm very pleased with the phone. Battery life is incredible, display is crisp, audio slaps and gaming performance is...