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Aero active cooler 7 connection issues

Hi!  Need help, was playing a game a few days ago with the aero active cooler attached to my rog phone 7 ultimate when both the game and o.s. crashed, I removed the fan that deactivated and restarted my phone, then whenever I connect the fan after, i...

My rog phone 7 curppted massage

I am keeping getting massage that the phone curppted and can't be trustedRog phone 7Android 13Asus A12205 A 

Juv by Star I
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Radios die

I've recently been having trouble with the cellular or WiFi radio going dead.  Suddenly one is entirely gone - zero reception.  I've tried toggling airplane mode and just waiting, but only rebooting fixes it.  It's happened maybe 4 times in the past ...

SIM signal not being detected ROG 7 ultimate

I am with Three mobile. I have tried to put the sim in my old phone and works perfectly fine. I did try doing airplane mode for 5-10 seconds doing on and off. My network will show up but after 5-10 seconds it will turn off or couldnt get any signal e...

Хочу поставить свое видео на звонок

Раньше пользовалась самсунгом и он был очень удобным и позволял стилизовать всё под себя, сейчас же проблема, хочется стилизовать, но не совсем получается ((( 

last update for rog phone 7

Hi, my firmware is on  33.0820.0810.217. Is there any update after this? If there is could someone send the download for it please as the security patch is on 1-July-2023 and I need to update this for work related. So if anyone has any recent update ...


can I unlock the bootloader on asus rog phone 7 this year

Phone shuts down

Today my phone started to act wierd. It has started freeze the screen and then black screen do just die and having to manually reboot it. It's FIFTH time in one hour. Usage situation: Just having Amazon prime casting and then letting my kid use YouTu...

DeMoNeN by Star III
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