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ROG Phone 6 Diablo ver - Broken Wifi after update

Star I

Really bad issue with the phone's wifi connectivity, it worked perfectly before the Android 13 update. After the updates, my phone will suddenly lose internet speed. Dropping for 500 Mbps to less than 1 mbps. Initially, I thought it was my ISP or router problem. ISP has checked that the modem is fine, router wise I have reset it and set up a new network but it doesn't help. My internet speed will return to normal temporarily for a few hours, sometimes when I am lucky for more than 24 hrs after I reboot the router. No other devices were affected except for my phone so I am sure it is my phone issues. Also, if I get out of the house for an hour or longer. upon return, I will have the same problem. I have seen the phone taking a longer time to get the IP and it will show as failed occasionally. It a good hardware with horrible software issues. Also, I have bought it for less than a month!


Star I

he way, my system version is 33.0610.2810.166

Have you tried connecting to another WiFi spot and see if the same thing happens again?