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Questions about Rog Phone 3

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So I have been waiting to buy this phone ( The strix edition) for quite a while, i do like all its specs even the camera I think still does a pretty good job. But even after all the research I still have a few doubts, so if someone could answer them it would be great!

Software: I have seen a lot of people complaining about software issues like errors, freezes, etc. I also wanted to know for how long will asus update the phone.

Long term usage: So the phone i currently got (Huawei P20 lite) , i got it in 2018, and just now have faced some issues, so i wanted to know how durable it is, because I'm probably going to use for a long time. Also wanted to know for how long it will maintain its speed xD.

Camera: I do think the camera it's pretty good but I would like to know what u guys think.

Durability: I have seen a lot of videos where it's durability is very high, but I have even seen some people complaining.

Water resistance: I know it's not water resistance and doesn't have IP rating, but with my current phone for exemple, i usually take him to the bathroom ( just left it there not take him with me xD) when i shower, so I want to know if water, dust, and humidity are a very big danger to the phone.

Broken parts: How difficult it is to get new parts, and where can I get it ( I live in Portugal 🙂 )

Security: I do trust asus on its security but wanted to know what u guys think.

Big and heavy: Is it? Do u get used to?

Insurance: Should I make it? for how long, and if it breaks, how long would it take to have it back?

This are all the questions I have for now fell free to tell me your experiences to.


Star I

I would not recommend buying the ROG phone 3, since it will not be getting any more updates and there has already been issues with Google play security etc. There are  a lot of issues with the phone that are not easily fixable/if at all. I personally liked the ROG 3 for the first 1,5 years that I had it (purchased on release) but now on the process of buying a new phone because of these issues that seem non fixable.