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Android 14 update is dropping FPS in Games

Star II

After I was forced to update to Android 14 Call of duty mobile has FPS drops randomly and also the left trigger when held down bugs at times and acts like if I let it go. Also the display is not as sensitive to touch as it used to be while playing other games. This broken updates HAS to stop. super disappointed with this forced updates that you guys well know no one has optimized to run yet and we the costumers got to deal with this 😡😡😡


Rising Star I

I have noticed that the fps in games is constantly unstable. I have also noticed that if I play Call of duty Mobile or PUGBM, the fps drops really drastically, especially when I play in matches where there are other real players. I also have problems with the left airtrigger and aeroactive cooler 7. The cooler does not always respond when I change the cooling power or its lighting.

Rising Star I

What mobile phone do you have?

I have a Rog Phone 7. There were no problems with the Android 13 system and all games work cleanly and smoothly. After the Android 14 update, the phone is full of bugs and almost nothing works properly.

Rising Star I

I recently bought the Asus ROG 8 pro and they have an issue with the triggers so from what I see the issue is the software