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Rog phone 7 users ask for a rollback to A13

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I only use Rog phone smartphones because I sincerely thought these smartphones were the best! I have a gaming channel on YouTube and ROG Phone 7 is my indispensable tool. I'm loyal to the brand but I'm very upset with the latest updates to the A14. I see the same complaints from communities from different regions. Create a rollback file for us so that we can go back to A13, we are tired of suffering. 


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As always no body from Asus will answer, they don't care .

Rising Star I

Hopefully the problems will be fixed quickly or we will get the chance to downgrade back to A13. It's been 2 weeks since the A14 arrived and I still can't play on the phone.

Star II

I tried here in India but its even worse of all as the service centre guy said that they wont be able to do a roll down to android 13 as there was an android 14 update to fix issues in android 13 , what cr#p . worst ever decision to buy Asus ROG phone 7, the cherry on the cake is the support from Asus its just so painful that confirms my decision not to buy Asus phone any more and would encourage my gaming friends rather go for iPhone / or Samsung 

Here in Finland, sellers always have a 2-year error liability, which means the seller has to help fix the problem or is obliged to cancel the sales. I took my Rog 7 last Friday to the store where I bought it and they sent it to warranty service where they downgrade Android 13 back. I will get my phone back at the end of this week or early next week. If the downgrade is not successful for some reason, I will get the full price of my phone back. The seller said himself that he doesn't understand why Asus gave his phones such an unstable update and said himself that the phone is unusable because of the update. The seller also believed that the downgrade would be successful here in Finland with their warranty service.