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Is the ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition Worth Owning?

Star I

Hey guys, I'm not really a heavy user (I use my phone for maps, text, banking and as a PDA) and I carry a Steam Deck with me so I don't plan to game on it, however I'm a huge Batman nut and I'd love to own a phone that's a bit aesthetically different than what the cool kids are using these days. You'd be surprised to hear this but I've been rocking an iPhone 6 since 2015 and FINALLY plan to get a new phone this month.

My question is, will the phone lasts at least till say, 2026-7? I'd like to keep using my gear as long as possible (I still have a Gameboy that I sometimes bring to work, it gets weird looks!) but I've also heard issues such as the lack of support and camera issues. Thanks in advance for any input!


Rising Star II

if you wont to have something as long as you can buy the newest one 

soon rog phone 8 will be out so you can thing to buy it new and if you preorder it you can get free aeroactive cooler

i have rog phone 6 not batman edition but work perfect before this i haved a rog phone 5 but the expirience was very bad and after 3 waranty problem the give me back all the money that phone cost and i buy rog 6 whit hope it will be better and is it for 1 year using i dont have problem work perfect 

For now i will not change it everything work perfect 


Star III

Honestly just don't get any rog phone at this point. I'm having a camera issue (cannot open front camera, missing macro mode, camera cannot focus clearly) rn and software updates did not fix it, nor other ways such as cleaning cache, storage, force stop and restart, etc. Just don't. 

To me it sounds like you might have to visit the Service Center