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Just bought Asus ROG 6 phone

Star I

I got recommended this device as I have problems playing on a touch screen. And the price was so go, that it was basically a steal XD

I was surprised that I could use a keyboard and mouse with this device! But now I have a few questions.

  1. Any recommendations on what mouse? Or any mouse will work?

  2. I have a custom-built gamepad with USB C - can I just plug and play that one? It's basically a keyboard, only half of it.

  3. What do I need to play my game on a TV or a monitor?

  4. Streaming on Twitch and YouTube - what cables, adapters, and maybe a streaming card I need?

And furthermore while doing all of that I want a high refresh rate with decent FPS.

Maybe there is some guide already?

Thanks in advance.


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1. any mouse

3. Hdmi to usb C