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ROG Phone 6 camera bootloop, again. pt2

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This is an ongoing problem with the firmware, i have the ROG 6 batman edition and my phone just started this bull**bleep** less than 2 weeks ago.  It started with my main camera glitching and forcing a reboot (which i was able to power off with recovery, let it sit for a few minutes and it would power on just fine) but on the 25th it auto updated to Android 13 forced a factory reset and is now stuck in a boot loop. ASUS has known about the camera issue since the 6 came out ( 1st reported on this forum in Feb) with no solution.   


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Same here I'm using ROG 6 batman vision camera keep hang 

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same here waiting for the fix so bad


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mine started doin same thing but when I would try to start it it would go in bootloop  upon inspection one the ribbon strip connection on board came off  idk how but it's off   phone still work half ass


When it comes to this issue, please contact your closest ASUS Service Center so that they can look into it.