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Firmware Update download page ROG Phone 6/6 Pro _WW/EU_33.0610.2810.159

Star III

where is the link for this update? @Titan_ASUS is there still problems with server for the updates, why it isn't available yet for download? only 33.0610.2810.157 is available on the official website


Rising Star II

Dont worry you not miss anything whit the new update 


did i feel better stability? NO

did i feel something is changed ? NO

did i feel some software problems and bugs fixed? NO 

So dont worry you dont miss anything ... So much posts about software problems and changes that user wont but nothing different in the new update 


It is not about feeling a difference in performance or battery usage, not all updates bring new features, .157 was July security patch, and .159 is August security patch level, there is more going on on the background that you can't see or feel a difference, and it is also about ASUS responsibility to release this updates on their own official website, not only through OTA. 

Maybe we thing different for me is more bad to wait a months and years for some improvement and software bugs and problem fixing instead 5 or 10 days more wаiting for one security update thats maybe is not so big deal if you dont install it on the moment

Again, I am not talking about usability, I am talking about availability, the software is official, it is ASUS responsibility to make it publicly available, for users to download, once announced, it should be available for download at least after 24-48 hours,