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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name:ROG 5
Firmware Version:.229
Rooted or not:Not
Frequency of Occurrence:
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):GAME GENIE PERFORMANCE ISSUE & SCREEN RECORDING CHOPPY
In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.
ROG 5 BGMI game play like worst.See game performance cpu 1.19ghz only on xmode+ With Aeroactive cooler.What is the hell going on.Its is a brand of asus like a shit !
The problem came up with 2021 June still now they are developing team not find the solution great effort of asus.

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Oh and before I forget, the reason your recording is choppy is because you record at 30fps. Silly goose

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Problem is you're probably going to kill your phone with downgraded firmware. ASUS heavy throttling is intergrated to prevent the power IC to kill itself.

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Well, I don't let my temperature get above 50C, there are people who are playing above 56C with the latest A12 update on a group which I won't mention here.
The reason these Wi-Fi are failing or phone dying are because of a manufacturing defect and not because of heat alone. My phone Wi-Fi failed after 1 month of purchase and I never use my phone without Aeroactive Cooler and I didn't update my firmware in fear that my Wi-Fi will stop working but the Wi-Fi still stopped working.
And even after Asus started throttling the phone with .210 .226 .229 (firmware I had tested so far) or way before these updates, their phones are still dying and still having Wi-Fi issues with the latest .226 and .229 update after heavy throttling so this is clearly not a firmware issue. And everyone who had replaced their motherboard from the group didn't had the Wi-Fi issue again or their phone dying issue so this is not a heating or hardware issue either except for some very unlucky few who broke a previous record holder that he had to replace his motherboard for the 7th time.
And of course I think some are abusing their phone by letting their phone get up to 56C. I have come to the conclusion that its a manufacturing defect which Asus doesn't want to admit.

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Oh and before I forget, the reason your recording is choppy is because you record at 30fps. Silly goose

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If you are talking about my videos then I always record my videos at 60 FPS. I am not sure why the video looks a bit laggy in google drive, I have even tried downloading my file from Google Drive and looked at the video properties and it says 30 frames/seconds.
Maybe Google drive doesn't support 60 FPS or my firmware has 60 FPS recording bug

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So let me clearify whats going on here as there seems to be half knowledge being spread here.

The CPU clock does matter, of course it does. However you didn't really understand what some of the guys are trying to explain to you and you cannot really be blamed for not understanding, they just suck at explaining things. The reason why the CPU reading in armory crate doesn't necessarily mean bad performance is because armory crate only shows the prime core. If a game is programmed to utilize your 2 of your big cores while not using the prime core, then obviously you'll not need to use the prime cores full speed, clocking it at maximum speed would give you no performance boost and waste your power for no good reason.

That being said, clockspeed does matter, armory crate is quite useless on some phones as its configs are being overritten in many cases which effectively makes it useless. This seems to be very common in newer revisions of the Rog5, this is more than likely done to prevent the power IC to kill itself as it's very common on the Rog series. The problem however is, due to fluctuating clockspeeds and switching between cores in many games due to the power management gamers will suffer from very annoying and inconsistent frametimes, something that the people who try to tell you clockspeed doesn't matter do not understand. Despite having close to 90FPS, the game will feel super jank due to very bad frametimes, it feels much less responsive and less fluid as it should be.

lets say your frametimes are:

22.5 22.5 22.5 22.5 = 90fps, the game will feel responsive, smooth and nice

however when you have:

12.5 32.5 2.5 42.5 = 90fps, the game will feel incredibly jank and bad.

Both are 90FPS, however only one of them are giving you a responsive and nice experience, while the other is some jank crap. Sadly the latter is happening due to these power management restrictions set by the Phone. The problem is real, it's not a placebo, it's a thing and always has been a thing.

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Yes, some of the users in the group I am in constantly asks for locked 2.84GHz clock speed profile and I tell them that they would be generating unnecessary heat and draining battery.
I'm mostly trying to make a dynamic profile like on a PC which would use the super core and frequency only if the game requires it and mostly depends on the efficiency cores and performance cores with lowest clock speed and not locked at a certain frequency but the game feels laggy or janky due to the process switching between cores and fluctuating CPU frequency like you had mentioned so I made a profile with locked clock speed at 2.04GHz and it gave me a good performance.

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You need to disable both of these settings or it will not work. I had this same issue on .210 .226 .229 and even on the downgraded firmware .88 from 22 April 2021 so it is not a recent issue.

Activating either one of these settings will prevent CPU Float from running so make sure you disable both of these settings "No Alerts" and "No Calls" from Game Genie.

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As said before I had activated the notifications but since both are deactivated and I no longer had the overlay.
Thank you for reminding me of this point because I just cleared the cache and data of Armory Create, Game genie and two other system game services and rebooted the device and it was indeed one of the caches in question, j I now have the supperposition that works, which no longer works if I activate the alerts but which works again if I deactivate them again.
The bottom USB port still doesn't work in PD/PPS and I just had to change wing of the building to lose the 4G data on the way back.
However, with this bug experience I will factory reset my rog 5 and see what happens.