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Rog phone 5 Bluetooth connection issue with Galaxy Watch

Star I

My watch Galaxy Watch (R800) and my phone Rog5 have worked without any issues for 2 years. For some time now the phone doesn't want to connect to the phone via the Bluetooth. The Bluetooth sees it and start connecting to it and then it "drops" it and stay only as previous connected device. Screenshot*

- I've tested the watch on another phone and there there were no issues. It connects directly to it.

- I've made reset on watch  and reboot on the phone ---> still cant connect

- I've done reset on "Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth" ---> still cant connect

- I've cleared the cache " Settings -> Advanced -> Mobile manager -> Cleanup "  --> still can't connect

- I've checked for updates on the Galaxy Wearable and Rog phone --> there is nothing new

My Marshall Headphone has no issues staying connected to the phone.

Could you assist what my be the reason? I'm out of ideas