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Much Better tunning for genshin impact rog 5 snapdragon 888

Rising Star I

New update gaming tuning  for genshin impact is not perfect but still much better than the stock xmod, xmod  + by asus I also manage to reduce a little more  heat better than my previous post.


Here's my  advace tunning  I even bother toggling "ON"  the x mod even tho I'm using my advance tuning profile someone might insist again I'm using dynamic mod 🤣😂


and here's the stock xmod, and xmod+ by asus even on the latest firmware they still failed to fix this phone


Star I

Thanks for not giving up on this device lol. I keep following your posts lately and its kinda useful. So thanks

Star II

I tried copying your advance tunning  but somehow I'm m not getting that 40 to 60 fps in genshin  like in your video I'm  I  missing something ??? can you pls help me 

Ohh try restarting your game genie or better try restarting your rog 5 sometimes the game gunie bugs out even when you apply your advance tuning   where it completely ignore your settings.

it actually works!!  after restarting my phone   I'm having better fps now on genshin impact and on other games like honkai star rail and nikke!!!  thank you very much for sharing your profile settings 🙂