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Sim 1, fingerprint reader, airtrigger and vibration are not working anymore.

Rising Star I

Model Name: Rog phone 5

Firmware Version: 310.0210.210.229

Rooted or not:Not

Frequency of Occurrence:

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

For no reason, since last night sim 1, fingerprint reader, airtrigger and vibration on my Rog phone 5 is not working anymore. I already tried resetting my phone to fix it but nothing changed, issues still persists. Then I went on YouTube to find the solution, and found one video where Rog phone. Bottom board got disconnected and started having these issue and it was all rectified by simple reconnection of the cable connecting the bottom board with central board. My Rog phone 5 already had a motherboard replacement back in November 2021. Since then my phone was working great. You MODS have always been helpful with my issues with this phone in past with motherboard, charger replacement. Please kindly instruct the service centre with this easy fix of reconnection of the bottom board instead of motherboard change. I would highly appreciate you guys once again. As I'll be going to to service centre on Monday even though my phone's warranty expire back in June this year. But I'm ready to pay for this easy fix. Please help me out once again. @Falcon_ASUS @keren_ASUS @Jiaszzz_ASUS @Aureliannn_ASUS 


As i went to the service centre to get the issue repaired, i told the engineer the issue and what could be the solution. And he did as i tld and got my phone repaired within an hour with nominal service chargers though my phone is out of warranty.  Thanks for the good service and to listen to the customer(Me) as they might know few things about the device.